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How to measure ministry success...

In terms of vocational and ministry success, I believe success is largely determined by tangible evidence that includes measured results as compared to perceived expectations. But, is this the correct litmus test for ministry success? While I do believe we must have goals and objectives in ministry, I believe careful consideration must be given to how we measure ministry success. I firmly believe God’s idea of success and our idea of success may not be in sync, or at least on the same timeline. When considering many of the early pioneers of missionary work such as William Carey, Adoniram Judson and David Livingston, very few converts were recorded during the first years of their ministry. The ratio of their efforts to the number of converts is hardly a great success story by most ministry measuring standards. However, God’s success is not confined to our limitations of time. God works in ways that transcend our perceptions and human limitations. The work of these men, Carey, Judson, and Livingston, just to name a few, laid the foundation for God’s work to continue and grow. Many of today's “successful” mission organizations ride on the backs of these faithful, obedient soldiers of Christ. Therefore, success is not necessarily measured by numbers of converts as some expect, but simply by obedience to God’s will. Ultimately, the only real standard of measure can be found in heaven, and it will always bring honor and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Lead Pastor Andy Horton

Waco Baptist Church, Waco Georgia

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